Advantages of using paper​

Embrace eco-friendly paper sacks made from renewable materials, recyclable, biodegradable, combat climate change by absorbing CO2 during growth. Minimal climate impact compared to plastic. Recycle fibers, reduce emissions.

Decomposes in 2-5 months with eco-friendly materials. Opt for paper, reduce plastic waste, advance sustainability. Our FSC certified products assure responsible sourcing, supporting greener practices.

Paper sacks are made of renewable materials

Paper is made of the cellulose fibers obtained from forests thinning and the waste products of the sawn timber industry. Raw wood is extracted from sustainably managed forests.

Paper sacks are helpful in combating climate change. Young trees, when growing, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Manufacturing of paper sacks has little impact on global climate warming indicators compared to the production of low-density polyethylene bags.

Paper sacks are suitable for reuse and recycling

The fibers of paper sacks make them suitable for subsequent processing. Paper recycling reduces the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
Paper sacks are biodegradable.

It completely decomposes in two to five months. Thanks to the transition to natural water-based paints and starch- based adhesives, paper sacks with an adhesive layer and colour print don’t harm the environment.

Paper sacks help reduce the amount of plastic waste

Using paper sacks as an alternative reduces the production of lightweight plastic bags. Advanced Industries Packaging helps customers to achieve their sustainability goals by replacing plastic packaging with biodegradable solutions.

Our products can be produced from FSC certified raw materials.