Pinch Sacks

Experience the quality and efficiency of our pinch bottom paper sacks and elevate your packaging experience to new heights. Trust us to deliver a product that not only secures your contents but also leaves a lasting impression on your customers.


Pinch sacks are one of the best solutions when it comes to safety of the inner product, stable bottom, the possibility of additional features and even marketing tools to display content in attractive way.

Available with or without a gusset, our pinch bottom sacks offer flexibility to suit your specific packaging needs. You can choose from a variety of barrier materials, guaranteeing optimal preservation for your valuable contents.

This type is suitable for numerous applications: Building materials, Minerals, Milk Powder, Food, Animal Feed, Chemicals and Seeds.


Side fold
Number of colors
Other possibilities
220 to 550 mm
0 to 200 mm
500 to 1250 mm
1 to 8
Grammage 70 to 120 g/cm
Grease-proof. Various coatings and films


Variety of protection materials

This packaging solution is available for various coatings, including placement of laminated or plain film between paper layers or grease- proof paper which will give the required protective properties to the packaging

Excellent strength performance

Pinch-bottom sacks utilize hot sealing method, turning them into durable air-tight containers capable of preservation of the contents against any environmental exposures. This sealing method requires only pre-applied glue strip

Attractive package shape

These sacks' square bottom provides attractive product presentation

Water-tight bottom

Due to it‘s heat-sealed bottom and angles, the package is water tight

Optimal for palletizing

Due to their square bottom, these sacks are easy to palletize


Easy to open

The built-in string allows to open the sack fast and to gain access to it‘s contents. This feature prevents the contents of the bag from paper shreds, and eliminates potential risks of injury (just for strip or easy-opening sack)

Use in sterile rooms

Sacks with polyethylene inserts are ideal for sterile rooms because their design makes it possible to separate the external paper cover from the plastic insert without any supplementary tools (just for strip sacks)

Protection against light

Double-bottom sacks devoid of corner joints may be additionally protected from light. This solution is optimal for products requiring protection from light or UV rays (for example, Kodak-sacks: reeled bottom + black film)


Film is laminated on the paper-bottom and corner sealing to ensure the tightness of the sack

High print quality

Modern high performing paper packaging reliably protects customers' products. Meanwhile, modern design and printing technologies help to distinguish them on the shelf

Safety label

This sophisticated label is designed to combat product counterfeiting

Innovations and Specialities available