Open Mouth Sacks

Open-end, glued-side sacks for long-term storage. Made from 70-120 g/cm papers. Up to 8 colors for print, glossy lacquer & polyethylene for added protection.


Open mouth sacks are a type of packaging solution characterized by their open top, which allows easy and efficient filling of products.

These sacks are widely used in various industries, including agriculture, chemicals, food, and construction, offering convenience and versatility for packaging a wide range of materials. With their straightforward filling process and secure closure options, open mouth sacks ensure reliable containment and ease of handling for both manufacturers and end-users.


Number of layers
Other possibilities
180 to 700 mm
70 to 230 mm
240 to 1250 mm
1 to 4
Grammage 70 to 120 g/cm
Various coatings


Neat batches and steady pallets

Open sacks may have various bottom configurations, due to which the sack becomes more stable and is easily palletized

The sack keeps its shape

Due to special folding and insert techniques, the sack receives it‘s regular bottom shape. Thus, the sack looks tidy and stands upright which makes it attractive for retail customers

Various sealing options

According to customers’ needs, various sack sealing options may be employed, such as stitching, folding or gluing

Answers to various filling requirements

Open sacks may be used with various types of equipment for automatic or manual filling


Safety label

This sophisticated label is designed to combat product counterfeiting

Polyethylene insert

Open sacks may be outfitted with PE inserts for moisture-proofing and sanitary protection, for instance those used for foodstuffs


Melted glue or folding

Innovations and Specialities available