Sacks for Photo Paper Rolls

This subtype of pinch sack is made for light-resistance of the inner product – to protect the film paper.

Light-resistant Sacks

Kodak sacks are very special ones and are only produced in AIP Germany. The inner layer of the sack is light-resistant, because of the film paper as inside product.

Technical meanings

  • The construction of the sack: pinch sack with the rolled bottom
  • Outside is semi/ext brown paper 90 grammage
  • Inside is a black film, thickness 100 micron
  • Sacks can be produced in different dimensions

Laboratory test results

  • The raw film shows the best results in terms of seam strength and elongation
  • The hot melt adhesive must be melted at very high temperatures so that it plasticizes the surfaces of the films and creates a bond between the connecting surfaces
  • The seam strength and elongation are at a low level. It was also discovered during the processing of pre-treated films that the strength of the seam is very different

Can be used in sacks: