At Advanced Industries Packaging (AIP), our strategy is centered on sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

We are committed to keeping the position of one of the leading paper sacks manufacturers, providing high-quality and eco-friendly packaging solutions to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers.

About the company

Advanced Industries Packaging is a member of the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative – United Nations Global Compact. Advanced Industries Packaging aligns its strategies, operations and actions aimed at human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption universal principles.
The company’s activity is based on the 5-years development strategy of Advanced Industries Packaging, approved by the Top Management Team.
Sustainability Report is made in accordance with GRI standards and contains further plans and improvement actions. The report is being updated annually and is available on the corporate website of Advanced Industries Packaging.

Continue our investment strategy to increase productivity and effectiveness


Increase company


Reinforce price competitiveness and maintain good service practices


Speed up our projects related to recyclability,
reusability and plastic reduction; launch new “greener” paper sacks on the market


Strengthen our position on the paper packaging market – we are the 2nd largest paper sacks producer in Europe with a production capacity over 700 million bags

Supply chain sustainability

  • Code of Conduct have to be signed by all suppliers
  • All plants are FSC certified
  • EUTR-compliant raw materials
  • Audits for suppliers

Production assets

  • High efficiency of converting plants due to the modernisation of production assets and continuous development
  • Investments in water-treatment and recycling facilities
  • Growth in production and revenue due to the new campaigns
  • Investments in facilities for the production of paper packaging with high added value

Sustainable development

  • Improving the safety of production
  • Applying the best available practices to protect the environment and minimize environmental risks
  • Improving the energy efficiency of facilities
  • Commitment to sustainable development values
  • Switch to wind energy in Denmark


  • Digitalisation at all stages of the production chain in order to increase the business efficiency
  • Application of new technologies for bio-barriers project
  • Creation of new packaging and high-tech solutions aimed at plastic use reduction