GIPSAC stands as the Italian association of bag manufacturers, uniting industry professionals for collective growth and progress. With a focus on fostering collaboration and advancing industry standards, GIPSAC plays a pivotal role in shaping bag manufacturing landscape. As a dedicated organization, GIPSAC serves as a vital platform for knowledge exchange and industry development.


The Gemeinschaft Papiersackindustrie e. V. (GemPSI) is the German trade association of manufacturers of paper sacks and as such a member of the “Wirtschaftsverbände Papierverarbeitung e. V.” (UPU).

GemPSI supports its members in particular in business and technical issues. In addition, it represents the common professional interests vis-à-vis ministries, authorities and other associations.


Established in 1952, EUROSAC serves as the European Federation headquartered in Paris, uniting the multiwall paper sack industry across Europe.

With a legacy spanning over half a century, EUROSAC has been dedicated to safeguarding and advancing its members’ business sector through distinct initiatives.

The Federation actively surveys and evaluates activities and initiatives within our industry’s realms of interest, whether technical or environmental, and contributes fervently to these significant subjects and emerging challenges.