Company History

Advanced Industries Packaging scope of operation includes production and sale of the industrial paper sacks. AIP paper sacks meet the highest performance standards while at the same time represent a sustainable and natural-fiber based packaging solution for a wide range of industries, such as cement, building, food, agriculture and chemical.

Global Reach of Advanced Industries Packaging

As of today, Advanced Industries Packaging has 6 production sites in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic and Romania. Each plant has a long history of operation, some of them work for more than 100 years: from jute bags in 19th century to paper sacks nowadays.

Diverse Solutions for Packaging Needs

Our extensive product portfolio ranges from simple open-mouth and pasted valve sacks to pinch bottom and tube film sacks familiar in food industry including baby food applications. Moreover, our expertise also covers production of the refuse sacks and bio-barriers.

Innovative Solutions and Sustainable Commitments

In 2017, Advanced Industries Packaging experts developed a new type of packaging solution, the so-called smart sack with an embedded RFID chip.

September 2018 saw Advanced Industries Packaging production facilities for paper packaging in Europe and Türkiye joined the UN Global Compact, thereby confirming their adherence to the principles of human rights, labour relations, environmental protection and anti-corruption activities.

Setting the Platinum Standard

Since 2021 Advanced Industries Packaging held the Gold Medal by the EcoVadis international platform that ranks companies on corporate, social and environmental responsibility. In April 2023 Advanced Industries Packaging had received a Platinum Medal, entered TOP-1% of all companies rated by this agency.