Carbon Footprint

Advanced Industries Packaging tracks and constantly decrease its emissions during the last five years as a direct result of increasing the share of green electricity in the energy mix and the use of more energy efficient equipment.

Towards a Greener Future

Central to our sustainability efforts is our dedication to minimizing our carbon footprint. We actively monitor and decrease CO2 emissions across our group of companies, adopting energy-efficient technologies and processes throughout our production and logistics chain. This focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions reflects our commitment to combat climate change and foster a greener world.

Journey Towards Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions

AIP has been measuring, monitoring, and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions since 2017. The overall decrease in emissions by 18% in 2022 can be attributed to several factors. Across most sites, the carbon emission factors have decreased over the years which is a direct result of ARKA steadily increasing the share of green electricity in the energy mix.

In addition, site-specific carbon reduction measures have also shown an effect: more energy efficient equipment such as LED lights were installed and emissions from transport decreased due to a scaled back company fleet.

Direct and Indirect Environmental Impact

Scope 1 takes direct emissions into account. These include gases from combustion processes in stationary plants, such as the use of fuel oil in heating systems or natural gas in company-owned power plants. Equally relevant are the gases from mobile engines such as the company’s own vehicle fleet and direct emissions of volatile gases with an impact on the climate, for example through leakage.

Scope 2 covers all indirect emissions that are produced by purchased energy. This includes purchased electricity, district heating or cooling and the amount of steam, if any, purchased.

Measures to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Implemented measures to improve Carbon Footprint:

  • Awareness Training for employees on energy and emissions reduction;
  • Purchase of renewable energy at our plants in Denmark, the Netherlands, Romania, Italy and Germany;
  • Use of energy efficient technology or equipment. Our sites are equipped with LED lights, energy-efficient IT equipment and electric/hybrid forklifts;
  • For our German, Italian, Dutch and Danish sites, we have implemented an energy efficiency concept.