Water Soluble Sacks

Water-soluble paper sacks, also known as water-soluble bags or dissolvable paper bags, are a type of packaging that is designed to dissolve completely in water. These innovative sacks are primarily used in industries where the elimination of packaging waste is essential, and they offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for various applications.

Overall, water-soluble paper sacks are a sustainable alternative to conventional packaging materials, offering benefits in waste reduction, convenience, and environmental impact across a range of industries.


The main advantage of these sacks is that the retail customer does not have to put the product out of the sack, because it will dissolve in the machine too.

Customers can fill the whole sack in the machine. For this type it’s possible to use only 1 colour and a small print.

  • Tiny holes are located on the full surface of water-soluble sacks
  • Also for water-soluble sacks it is necessary to use a special glue

Can be used in sacks: