Viewing Window Sacks

Viewing window sack besides preserving its contents has a great marketing tool: visibility of the product. At the same time it is an opportunity for a manufacturer to provide an information on the filling volume and represent its product within high-end packaging and printing. This packaging is an excellent solution for Food, Animal Feed, Agriculture products and other industries.


Viewing window paper sacks are a type of paper packaging that incorporates a clear plastic window into the design. This window allows consumers or users to see the contents inside the bag without having to open it, providing visibility and enhancing the presentation of the product.

These sacks are commonly used in various industries, particularly in the food sector. Here are some features and benefits of viewing window paper sacks:

  • Transparency: The window allows customers to see the product, making it easier to identify and evaluate the contents before purchasing.
  • Product presentation: The windowed design adds an attractive and professional touch to the packaging, allowing the product to be displayed effectively.
  • Customization: Viewing window paper sacks can be customized with various printing techniques, allowing businesses to add branding elements, product details, or decorative designs to the packaging.
  • Convenience: Customers can quickly and easily identify the product inside the sack without opening or touching it, making the shopping experience more efficient.
  • Compliance with regulations: In certain industries, such as food, having a transparent window on the packaging may be necessary to comply with labeling and safety regulations.


Overall, viewing window paper sacks offer an appealing and practical packaging solution, combining the benefits of traditional paper sacks with the visual appeal and convenience of a transparent window. They contribute to better product presentation, brand visibility, and customer satisfaction.


  • Information of filling volume in the sack possible, e.g. litre, %, etc.
  • Product in the sack is visible
  • High quality appearance of the sack
  • Good promotion for the product


There is nothing fixed at the moment, but there are different possibilities, as follows:

  • Sealing of the open end Sewing of the open end
  • Open end glued with hot melt

Can be used in sacks: