Easy-Opening Sacks

Allows to open pinch sack with bare hands in seconds. Protects its contents, helps to avoid use of additional equipment and reduces waste. Also easy-opening strip can be built in bottom-patch for industrial or food sacks.


An easy opening paper sack is a type of paper packaging designed with features that allow for quick and effortless access to its contents. These sacks are particularly popular in industries where convenience and ease of use are essential, such as the Food and Chemicals sectors. Here are some common features and advantages of easy opening paper sacks:

  • Easy opening: The sack can be easily torn open by hand, providing a clean and smooth opening without the need for scissors or other tools.
  • Pull string: Some easy opening paper sacks have a pull string or a tear-off tab integrated into the design. Pulling the string or tab initiates a tear in the paper, facilitating a quick and straightforward opening process.
  • Convenience for consumers: The easy opening mechanism enhances the user experience, making it more convenient for consumers to access and use the product inside the sack.
  • Branding opportunities: Easy opening paper sacks can still provide ample space for printing logos, product information, and marketing messages, allowing businesses to promote their brand effectively.

Overall, easy opening paper sacks offer a user-friendly and practical packaging solution, combining the benefits of convenience, efficiency, and eco-friendliness. They are commonly used for a variety of products, including Food, Animal Feed, Chemicals, and more.


  • Pinch paper sack with perforation seam (no tear strip)
  • Paper separation easy to perform
  • Safety improvement, waste reduction

Can be used in sacks: