Laboratory Expertise

German, Danish, Dutch and Romanian labs serve the entire Group and share results with Italian, Turkish and Czech sites.


Laboratories are located in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. These research centers work for the entire Group and share their results with other companies production sites operating out of Italy, Türkiye, Czech Republic and Romania. There are several tests that have to be proceeded with sacks.

Weight check

Laboratory assistant cuts a circle from the sack with a special equipment, weights it, compares it with a necessary meaning in a table with supposed weight and if it matches or almost matches, continues checking with other indicators.

Strength check

In this machine you put 1.5 cm stripe and it pulls apart this stripe to find out the strength of the paper. You need several strips to test. After the test you get an average of the paper. If the average is less than 5 it is kraft paper.

Foil thickness measure

Laboratory assistant puts the foil between the metal parts of the special equipment to measure it’s thickness.

Air flow check

There is oil in the top part of the machine, which is going down through the paper and the machine measures it in Gurley/sec. The faster the air goes through, the porosity is higher.


Drying equipment for a humidity test of paper and sacks.

Humidity barrier tester

Equipment to test humidity barrier capacity and performance. This machine is being utilized especially for paper used in coated barrier project.

Paper sampling and surface tester

Equipment to sample the paper and test surface roughness.

pH tester

Equipment to test water quality and solution quality (especially glue solutions).

Porosity tester

Equipment to measure paper porosity – Gurley value of paper.

Tensile tester

Equipment to determine paper characteristics (stretch, tensile strength, breakage force, tensile energy absorption, etc).

Thickness micrometer

Equipment to determine paper thickness and density.


Equipment to test sack permeability in accordance with H&B standard.


Stands for sacks drop-test – maximum height is 2,35 m.

Sack filling

Stands for sack filling test.

Can be used in sacks: